Famee Furlane 60th Anniversary

The Famee Furlane was founded in 1958 and this year is celebrating 60 years of activity. It’s a great goal not only for us but for all the Community. We want to celebrate this event in style with a great banchetto – and everyone is invited!

Celebrations will take place on the 13th of October, and this will be a 2 day celebration. On Saturday the 13th, we will have a traditional banchetto, while on the following day (Sunday the 14th) – a cultural performance will be on its way: a great display of our traditions in our big hall. Save the date!

Contact Cathy Tolusso Simone at 604.291.2637 or at simtol@shaw.ca.

Book your ticket early!

One thought on “Famee Furlane 60th Anniversary

  1. Hello,
    I am interested in the history of your club. Is it possible to find the names of the past presidents, etc? Please direct me to the link if there is one of all past club officers since 1958.
    Thank you
    Marina Serena

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