The kitchen and food preparation area is an adequately large space where staff can comfortably work without getting in each other’s way. The food preparation tables which are in the center of the kitchen allow for multiple staff to work at the tables at the same time. The kitchen is well equipped with the necessities needed to successfully and easily cater for a large number of guests. The cooking area is equipped with several professional gas stoves and ovens, as well as a convection oven, a wok, a broiler/grill and a stainless steel working table. For caterers needing to use the kitchen’s pots, pans and roasting/baking pans, a convenient storage area is located within a few steps of the kitchen.

All food cooked in the kitchen for the large main hall can be transported upstairs with the use of the dumbwaiter. The upstairs food preparation and serving area is complete with kitchen counters, a sink, food warmers and preparation tables. From this area, the main hall is readily accessible and the food can be quickly and easily served.

Size of kitchen and preparation area: 740 square feet

Size of cooking area: 190 square feet

Size of storage area for cooking utensils, etc.: 100 square feet

The kitchen is complete with:

  • top and bottom cabinets on the east wall;
  • a sink and a dishwasher on the west wall;
  • a commercial cooler/fridge on the south wall;
  • two upright commercial freezers on the south wall;
  • a dumbwaiter on the northeast wall;
  • food preparation tables in the center;
  • a microwave oven on the countertop (east Wall).

The cooking area is complete with:

  • one full size 48” cooktop broiler gas stove with a conventional gas oven;
  • one full size 48” six burner gas stove with a conventional gas oven;
  • one full size 48” half broiler/half grill gas stove with a conventional gas oven;
  • one convection gas oven;
  • one two burner wok;
  • one ‘L’ shaped stainless steel table.

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