April Events – happy birthday Friuli!

On April the 3rd, the “Picule Patrie” will turn 940 years old! Everything begun in 1077 when Emperor Enrico IV conceded to patriarch Sigeardo the feud of Friuli and all its duchies. This act gave birth to the Patria del Friuli, granting it political autonomy and land integrity. One of the most mature and organized political unions of the entire Middle Age.

The “Festa della Patria del Friuli” is celebrated by the Friulani throughout the world and unites all of us in honouring our homeland, so far away but so close to our hearts!

The Famee Furlane of Vancouver is no exception! On April the 2nd we will have our own celebration open to everybody! Check out the event for a full description and outline of the celebrations!

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Famee Furlane of Vancouver is hosting an evening of cultural performances followed by dinner on Sunday, April 2.  Great for the family. Only 25.00 per person.  For more info: visit the website http://www.fameefurlanevancouver.com/events/fieste-de-patrie-dal-friul-2017/



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