Take Out Menu March – April 2021

Enjoy authentic Italian food!

ItemServing sizePriceOrder deadlineOrder pickup
CalamariStandard size22$March 21stMarch 26th 4-7pm
LasagnaSmall (2portions)22$March 14thMarch 28th 2-4pmMarch 31st 4-6pm
Ragu’ (meat sauce)Small (500ml)
Large (1000ml)
March 14thMarch 28th 2-4pmMarch 31st 4-6pm
CalamariStandard size22$April 25th April 30th    4-7pm

Pre-order and Pickup date & time:


(March): all orders must be made and paid by March 21st  

(April): all orders must be made and paid by April 25th 

(please indicate the preferred pick-up time of your order)

Lasagna: all orders must be made and paid by March 14th 

  • Pick up date & times:
  • Sunday March 28th between 2-4 pm
  • Wednesday March 31st between 4-6 pm

Note: due to limited space in our freezers we are only able to make small size lasagnas

Ragu’: the sauce can be ordered by March 14th and picked up during the lasagna 

Pick up dates and times. 


All orders must be made via email at ltesan@gmail.com or by phone at 604-931-5842 and paid in advance at payments@fameefurlanevancouver.com

Note: Due to Covid-19 all guests must wear a face mask and practice social distance. The FF will also limit a Maximum of 6 people at the time inside the hall during pick-up.
Those of you who have not yet picked up the “Cisilute”, can do so during any of the scheduled pick-up events or download it from the following link: www.fogolarsfederation.com/images/Cisilute/PDFs/2020-cisilute-issue101-sierade.pdf