Take Out Menu March – April 2021

Enjoy authentic Italian food!

ItemServing sizePriceOrder deadlineOrder pickup
CalamariStandard size22$March 21stMarch 26th 4-7pm
LasagnaSmall (2portions)22$March 14thMarch 28th 2-4pmMarch 31st 4-6pm
Ragu’ (meat sauce)Small (500ml)
Large (1000ml)
March 14thMarch 28th 2-4pmMarch 31st 4-6pm
CalamariStandard size22$April 25th April 30th    4-7pm

Pre-order and Pickup date & time:


(March): all orders must be made and paid by March 21st  

(April): all orders must be made and paid by April 25th 

(please indicate the preferred pick-up time of your order)

Lasagna: all orders must be made and paid by March 14th 

  • Pick up date & times:
  • Sunday March 28th between 2-4 pm
  • Wednesday March 31st between 4-6 pm

Note: due to limited space in our freezers we are only able to make small size lasagnas

Ragu’: the sauce can be ordered by March 14th and picked up during the lasagna 

Pick up dates and times. 


All orders must be made via email at ltesan@gmail.com or by phone at 604-931-5842 and paid in advance at payments@fameefurlanevancouver.com

Note: Due to Covid-19 all guests must wear a face mask and practice social distance. The FF will also limit a Maximum of 6 people at the time inside the hall during pick-up.
Those of you who have not yet picked up the “Cisilute”, can do so during any of the scheduled pick-up events or download it from the following link: www.fogolarsfederation.com/images/Cisilute/PDFs/2020-cisilute-issue101-sierade.pdf

Takeout now available

Dear Members,

 We hope you are keeping well during these very difficult times. As you are all well aware because of COVID-19 and the restrictions imposed by the Health authorities, our Association, like many others, have had to cancel all events that were scheduled in the foreseeable future. This of course has impacted our revenues. Therefore, in order to recuperate some of the revenues we have lost because of the pandemic, we have decided to start offering take out service of some of the items that we usually serve at the Banquets and other events.

We started with Calamari in October and the feedback we received was to continue and perhaps to offer more options.

Below are the 2 new take out events we are offering:

  1. Polenta & Tocjo at $20 pp or 
  2. Polenta, brovada & muset at $20 pp or
  3. “San Martin on the run” (Polenta, tocjo, brovada & muset) at $25 pp

Pick up dates for these items would be Nov. 27th starting at 5:00 pm

You must reserve with Lana at 604-931-5842 or email ltesan@gmail.com and indicate your preferred pick up time and how many orders you would like.  Prepayment is required and can be made at  payments@fameefurlanevancouver.com by November 18th 

  1. Meat lasagna small size (2 person) $20
  2. Meat lasagna Family size (6-8 people) $70

Pick up dates for this would be Dec.18th starting at 3:00 pm. Again, please call or email Lana and indicate which size you prefer and the number of Lasagne, if you are ordering, if more than one.

Deadline to order the lasagna is December 6th and payments must be made at the time of reservation at payments@fameefurlanevancouver.com.  

Message from Board of Directors

Vancouver, March 13, 2020

Dear Member,

The Board of the Famee Furlane of Vancouver continues to monitor the rapidly evolving situation related to the spread of the coronavirus (Covid-19). We have all seen the devastating effects that such diseases have brought to Italy and other countries. It is our hope that the measures taken by the Federal and Provincial governments can help reduce the negative impact to our daily lives and save many people.

In light of the situation, the Board has decided to suspend all activities effective immediately, and therefore cancel all events planned, until further notice. In particular, the following upcoming events will not take place as planned:

  • March 19 – AGM
  • April 4 – Fieste de Patrie dal Friul
  • Calamari night in March and April
  • May 1st – Ladies Only dinner

We will try to reschedule some of them, if the conditions will allow it, otherwise we will cancel them for this year.

We are well aware that many of you were looking forward to these events, but we all have to do our part in these difficult times. We have also decided to not take any new bookings until May 1st, unless things drastically improve in the near future.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of a few simple actions that can help reducing the spread in our community:

  1. Avoid large gatherings of people
  2. Wash your hand often with soap and warm water  
  3. If you feel unwell, even if you are not sure you have contracted the virus, please stay at home and contact the health authority.

We will keep monitoring the situation and we will provide updates if required. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concern, please reach out to us.

Yours sincerely,

on behalf of the Board of Directors

Tony Fabbro



Food and Wines of Friuli

Friday 24th of November – 6.30pm

Spend an evening sampling the food and wines of the Italian region of Friuli.  Five wines from the region will be showcased and will be paired with products from the region. Wines from Di Lenardo Winery will be featured some which are brought in solely for the event and cannot be purchased in BC.  Take this unique opportunity to immerse yourself in the flavor and culture of Friuli!

Link to the event

Eventbrite - Food and Wines of Friuli